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Selim Mourad

Selim Mourad

Selim Mourad obtained his bachelor’s degree in audiovisual studies and
his master’s degree in filmmaking from the University of Saint Joseph
in Beirut (IESAV). He also participated in the Documentary Exchange
Workshop with the Danish Film School.
His filmography includes some short documentaries like the awardwinning ‘Letter to my sister’ (2008) and fruit of the Lebanese-
Denmark exchange in 2009: ‘A trip to the Barbershop’ (2010).
Selim started working on several medium-length films like: ‘+’ (2010), ‘Pouldreuzic’ (2011) and ’La Demolition’ (2011) where he
turns into fiction his personal and everyday life; and ' X : La
conception’ (2012). Selim is currently teaching documentary
filmmaking in different lebanese schools. While in university, Selim
directed several award-winning short films that THIS LITTLE FATHER OBSESSION is his
first feature film were selected in
different film festivals.

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