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Livia Ungur, Sherng-Lee Huang

Livia Ungur, Sherng-Lee Huang

Ungur & Huang is a wife-and-husband artist duo, based in New York City. They make films, sculptures, installations, and performances. Since 2015, they have exhibited works at the National Gallery of Art in D.C., the Stavros Niarchos Center in Greece, the National Library in Buenos Aires, the Black Maria Film Festival, Kassel Dokfest, and Stuttgarter Filmwinter. “Hotel Dallas” is their first feature film. Livia Ungur (b.1979) was born in communist Romania; she immigrated to America to study art, graduating from the Yale School of Art in 2015. Sherng-Lee Huang (b.1979) was born and raised in Tennessee. He learned filmmaking while making comedy videos for his YouTube channel, “Quiet Library”.

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