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Andrés Ramírez

Andrés Ramírez

Carlos Andrés Ramírez Iglesias is a photographer, documentary film maker and founder of the Audiovisual Production Company ProductOtra. In 2009, he finished his studies in the University of San Francisco de Quito where he graduated as Technologist in Mass Media. After that, he continued his studies in Spain where he obtained his Masters in Film Editing in the Cinema and Audiovisual School of Catalonia (ESCAC), 2011, and a Masters in Documentary Film and Society, ESCAC 2011. He has worked in several TV shows and documentaries as a director, executive producer, cameraman and film editor. With his documentary Ukamau y Ké he won the award of the Funds of The National Film Council Board of Funds in Ecuador (CNCINE) for script writing in 2012, and for production and postproduction in 2014. He also won an award in the international contest Ventana Andina in 2013 with the documentary “Rimas y Colores en la Frontera Norte” (Andean Community of Nations 2013).

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